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Time for Haiku's

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Picture from Movement Diaries: the Lockdown Series, ch. I, APATÍA

Morley College opened a Haiku competition (Japanese short piece of poetic writing). Marta submitted a few of her short poems, which we use both as a prompt and as a way to reflect and summarise something we got from a piece, or an r&d, as well as a few new poems, inspired by the idea of time, lockdown, and options and the specific form of Haiku's.

Her following Haiku, which is part of our Movement Diaries: the Lockdown Series, chapter I, was selected as a runner up:

in a loop,
time was caught as it happened
to linger on

Follow below to read the winner and full selection of Haikus, as well as other related exhibitions at Morley's Gallery.

Shadows haiku competition — Morley Gallery

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