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~ forget what is ~


to forget: to unlearn, to disremember

what is: how something exists

La Biblioteca de la Danza 

(Just One Point of View)


but what, or who determines, that it is, indeed,

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Movement Diaries: the Lockdown Series

Reviews & Feedback

"I really enjoyed it. The style of it being mirrored makes for some really exciting watching. The choreographies themselves and the repetition reflect the confinement and the slightly going crazy idea well. And the simplicity of it works too. […] It is a great reflection on those times. Well done."

Adrian Look - lecturer in Tanztheater, London

@adrian_lookatmovement | @tanztheater_adrian_look

"We love your Lockdown Series, and well done you guys for keeping it going, even when it might not have feelt like it!"

Julia & Simone - The Playground by Rambert, Rambert Dance

@theplayground_rambert @rambertdance

"And if it's on you, will you still dance?"

MOVEMENT DIARIES: the Lockdown Series  

An original idea by Back2Basix

Performed by Back2basix

Created, filmed, and edited at home during lockdown.

Special thanks to:

Leena - assistant creative direction

The Playground Team, Rambert - community and promotional support