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 Love Lust Misery 

We directed movement for the music video of the track 'Disclosure', from Marco Mestichella's visual EP 'Love Lust Misery'. 

We took a 180 degrees twist to create a fashion photoshoot style vibe for this one.

dance stories

And If It Is On You, Will You Still Dance?  

A series of pieces created and filmed at home, in lockdown. We explore movement based on our experiences during this time. From apathy to freedom, passing through multiple adjustments, discoveries, appreciation and, above all, the intention to continuously enjoy this journey and to see the positive outlook in each experience, edges and bruises included.

We share these in our Movement Diaries: The Lockdown Series.

 Love Lust Misery 

We choreographed the music video for the track 'Fire Burnt', a dark story of lust, heartbreak and revenge, part of Marco Mestichella's visual EP 'Love Lust Misery'. Never drink tomato juice again!


 Strawberries & Cream

Marco Mestichella drops this hot video for Velvet Silky Boy. Choreography and movement direction by us. The track is part of his acclaimed EP 'Tales of Falling Walls'.


Take a wild card and make it your own, dance away your insanity... 'cause we all have a piece of it inside  

A piece about bending known ways and creating new ones, being trapped in what is and finding what can be. A space of imagination, possibilities, enjoying getting lost, diving in and getting out.

          "A captivating video performance by twins Leah and Marta Valverde [...] The movement is effortless, and yet emotive. The narrative is simple, and yet gripping. A great piece by two choreographers with a bright future in dance and the performance arts world."

​- Kymberlee Jay on 'Dreamer's Games'


 ...There's something about human nature  

We got into the studio and choreographed to what this song spoke to us, and what our voices are as artists and individuals.

Danced by us and fellow artist Ezzy Nzewi.


 This is Back2Basix  

Take a look at some of the projects and artists we have performed with, choreographed and directed movement for over our first year as a company. 

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