work together

  choreography & movement direction

We tell your story and vision in a unique way to keep your audience engaged and inspired beyond show time. 


We choreograph and direct movement for performance -live, digital & promo.


We work with foundations and creative drills in addition to choreography as we believe these are key tools for students and professionals to excel in and fully develop their practice and style.

We deliver group classes and workshops as well as one-to-one tuition for students from all levels and backgrounds.


"A captivating video performance by twins Leah and Marta Valverde - exploring how movement can create and communicate freedom, especially poignant during a time where the boundaries of freedom in our society are being re-examined.


This piece is both beautifully structured and open to interpretation, allowing the viewer to determine for themselves where the confines of expression truly lay.


The movement is effortless, and yet emotive. The narrative is simple, and yet gripping. A great piece by two choreographers with a bright future in dance and the performance arts world." 

Kymberlee Jay on 'Dreamer's Games'


“I’ve been working with Leah and Marta for years now and it’s always a pleasure. They are very professional, knowledgeable and have a great work ethic! We’ve worked on dance routines and movement for some of my music videos and these have been some true highlights for me.


They both have a very down to earth yet efficient approach. Highly recommend working with them!" 

Marco Mestichella - music artist, videographer, artistic director 

"I co-choreographed and performed a 10min contemporary dance piece with Marta in November 2018. Marta is a dedicated and highly versatile artist (dancing, drawing, writing, video editing). She managed to merge her style into our hybrid piece and thereby pushed the boundaries of our creation.


Her keen attention to detail gave the piece its unique flavour. Her authenticity and kindness make her a unique dance partner that I highly recommend." ​

Leena - dance artist, London