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"a flow of twists and choices,
                             a dive into a playful, bold game" 



Back2Basix is born to tell stories through dance, movement and words in unusual, moving ways. 

We invite you to dive into our art, and trust it will ignite your creativity and a bold, kind, playful outlook on life.  

To forget what is... We aim to explore ideas in multiple ways with the intention to break out of our static vision of things, people and situations; to create twisted, unexpected movement works that feed us and our audience curiosity and play.

"we go back to basics to see every piece at its essence, before they've been altered or put in a box; when anything and everything
can be.


Working across digital and live performance, choreography and movement direction, Back2Basix’s debut work was during the production of the visual EP ‘Love, Lust, Misery’ by music artist Jimmy Brixton (Ldn/NY), and followed by a number of acclaimed original works including, Dreamers’ Games, The Lockdown Series, La Biblioteca de la Danza (releasing in Dec ‘22); and collaborations, among which, Invisible Dances LDN (Elisabeth Schilling/B2B6, feat. designer Yuliya V Krylova), Emma Cons Gardens (Farrer Huxley) and Loop the Loop Campaign (Instigate Unknown).


Back2Basix have been featured with Greenwich Dance, Cleopatras Worldwide, Morley College and 64 Million Artists and are part of Imperial College’s pool of artist to develop creative works that bridge science and arts.


Actively engaged in education, Back2Basix deliver workshops and open classes across a range of settings from professional training to community participation. Current and past engagement includes Rambert Dance, MÓTUS Dance, UCL Dance Society and Morley College.



Back2basix are part of the community and industry collective Game Changers, founded by Taja Riley, who work together towards better and professional standards for dance artists working in any sector across the industry.

We are all learning through this process, and if you have questions, we'd love to be able to support in any way we can. Reach out!

pictures 1 & 3 by Back2basix ; picture 2 by 137 Productions


leah, co-founder, creative director, dance artist

Leah is a freelance dance artist and facilitator. She's co-founder, creative director and dance artist at Back2basix as well as dance artist with Instigate Unknown.


Her approach to dance and movement centers around exploring and expanding the options that each movement and technique offers and highlights the use of dynamics, flow and musicality and floor work.

Her experience expands across stage works, music and dance videos within the independent scene, as well as film, TV and education, including works for Netflix, Cain Hip Hop Theatre R&D, the Playground by Rambert, Open Arts Surgery (Breakin´Con), No Limit Amsterdam, AMEX, UEL, Trip Project, Danceworks London, PLUS Leisure.

marta, co-founder, creative director, dance artist

Marta is a freelance dance artist and facilitator. She's co-founder, creative director and dance artist at Back2basix and dance artist with Instigate Unknown.


She offers a playful and explorative yet detailed approach to movement and the different choices and ways to initiate, flow, alter and compose.

Credits across the independent scene, TV, film and education include I Used to Be Famous (Eddie Sternberg), Open Arts Surgery (Breakin' Convention), Lexi Z Stevens at SET, UEL, GDIF (Crystal Palace), Alias LDN, Netflix, No Limit Amsterdam, the Playground (Rambert), Paul Oakenfold, Move It, 7 Days 7 Causes (Ginga Capoeira Brasil), Danceworks London, Morley College, the Rebirth Network.

image00017 2.jpeg

pictures 1 & 3 by Jenais Artiste ; picture 2 by 137 Productions

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