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‘‘take a wild card and make it your own… dance away your insanity, ‘cos we all have a piece of it inside’’ Back2basix

We MOVE [ distort, shift, stir emotion ]   



                                         we PLAY [ recreate, entertain, amuse, delight ]     



                    we EXPLORE [ inquire, listen, delve, test ]       





      … and when we persist enough, we FIND [ come upon, often accidentally ]  



                                                 unusual, quirk & exciting compositions of dance, words and stillness 





dance, a motionless flow - a prevalent, playful, painful, passionate… dispute of the elements that surround the edges of the traces we follow, stumble upon and decorate. The whim of devotion turned motion, a play of unuttered words and limbs and notion, a conversation with time and space and sound, motion. An exploration, the rhythm of options, impossibles, potentials, void of assumptions, void of rejection, persistence of possibilities. The stillness of wholeness, of overwhelming routes and angles and triggers, a spiral of multiplying shades and echoes and pace, motion over itself, stillness observed from its edge, continuous threads of play.


pictures 1 & 3 by Back2basix ; picture 2 by 137 Productions

"a flow of twists and choices,
                             a dive into a playful, bold game" 

image00017 2.jpeg

pictures 1 & 3 by Jenais Artiste ; picture 2 by 137 Productions

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