...about Back2Basix

Back2Basix is run by twin sisters Leah & Marta Valverde.
We created Back2Basix to work together telling stories through dance, movement and words in a simple, unusual and moving way.
Forget what is...
We aim to continuously seek possibilities and to explore ideas in multiple ways with the intention to break out of our static vision of things, people and situations.
We go back to basics to see every piece at their essence, before they have been altered or put in a box, when anything and everything can be.
We use the foundations and dance vocabulary of the styles we practice and connect the movement to emotions, experiences, to what inspires and what challenges us, and take the audience on a twisted, unexpected journey that we hope inspires thought, curiosity and play.
We work on dance videos, performance, choreography and movement direction.
We also impart workshops for students of all levels and backgrounds in which we dive into foundations, devising methods and work on performance and choreography.

pictures by 137 Productions

'a flow of twists and choices, a dive into a playful, bold game' 

'take a wild card

and make it your own'

'does it ignite you or

does it consume you?'

pictures by Jenais Artiste

Is a dancer and choreographer. She also likes creating thru other types of art which feature in B2B6 alongside of dance. 

Her love for dance started with street dance, learning from as many teachers as she had the chance to, being lucky enough to learn from masters like Junior Almeida and BRODAS. She then expanded her vocabulary into contemporary and modern dance and continues developing her skills in London and LA.

Following her interest in different styles and disciplines, as well as her love for different cultures, her career has taken her to develop pieces and workshops with dancers and musicians across Spain, Amsterdam, Lisbon and London as well as working in film, TV and music videos. More recently she has choreographed and directed movement for artist Marco Mestichella. She is currently a member of A FREE WXRLD and Instigate Unknown.

Other credits include:

Open Art Surgery, Building In Isolation, No Limit Amsterdam, Netflix, UEL, Trip Project.

# because? The hashtag reminds me of my love for music. Since I was a kid, the sharp sound always felt somehow distinct, it stood out. With social media being everywhere now, the hashtag (which looks almost the same) means something iconic and a connection, something people can identify and also feel connected by and I love the idea of creating something that stands out and brings people together.

Was studying music when she decided to join her sister in a dance class. After some time combining both trainings plus studies in translation and interpreting, she decided to fully concentrate in dance.

Training first in hip hop styles to later discover contemporary dance and ballet, she learnt, amongst others, from Nito Solsona, BRODAS, Junior Almeida, Eva Bertomeu and Gustavo Ramirez. Since moving to London she continues to develop her practice, which has included learning tango and capoeira, discovering Tanztheater and visiting LA regularly.  

She works as a freelance dance artist, teacher and has been member of several companies and interdisciplinary collectives among which Alias LDN, I=We/Untold, the Rebirth Network and Instigate Unknown (current).

One of the passions in her career has been to use dance to raise personal and social awareness and change. She has co-developed several creative pieces and workshops with this focus. Her style is defined by fluid floor work and surprising dynamics which she likes to incorporate in her creations.

Other credits include:

Open Art Surgery, Outrageous Behaviour, GDIF, Move It main stage, Paul Oakenfeld, 7 Days 7 Causes, Blackberry.

& why? & links, connects, brings pieces together. And, I still remember when I learnt my first '&' count!