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Impromptu dances at Emma Cons Gardens

Over the past 19th and 20th of November, we joined the team who is redesigning the Emma Cons Gardens, a space in the heart of Waterloo, opposite the Old Vic which has now the opportunity to be redesigned, following a consultation process where locals get to say what they would like the space to become.

And it's amazing how imagination can suggest and transform anything. This is where we came in, to inspire the passersby to imagine and explore, possibly envision a space for exchange, movement, creativity, conversation, an open invitation.

Moving through, by and under mirrored panels that displayed some of the history of where the space sits -Emma Cons along Virgina Wolf and Lilian Baylis were the three women who revolutionised the fields of public education and art in their times, and went on to found the Old Vic, Lilian Baylis (Sadlers Wells) and Morley College- and which reflected back the city and its magic to those who stopped by, we broke into impromptu dances that dressed the space with curiosity, exploration, rhythm and exchange. Joined by some of the audience, we created movement on the spot, edited it, found different compositions and above all, played.

If you are local to Emma Cons Gardens, check out their consultation website to have your say on what you'd like the space to become: Have Your Say Today – Emma Cons Gardens – Commonplace

Below, find some pictures of our improvised interactions at Emma Cons Gardens.

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