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The Crowdfunding Festival of Arts

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

As we went into a global pandemic over a year and a half ago, artists all over the world saw their businesses and art struggle to live through a situation that had no precedents, when we most needed to feel inspired, creatively challenged, entertained and simply feel connected.

The Crowdfunding Festival of Arts brings together creative businesses that have survived the pandemic, offering their services and products generously for you in a joint crowdfunding campaign raising money to produce 4 exciting artistic projects. Powered by over 100 international businesses sponsoring our rewards shop, and in aid of 3 London-based charities: Great Ormond Street Hospital of Children's charity, Positive East and Action 4 London. Back2basix offer our open classes as part of the perks shop.

Visit the Campaign's official website for full information and to get involved! Art is powerful, but it is even more so to connect and support each other!

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