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Life In Lockdown -by Greenwich Dance

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Greenwich Dance have opened a space to document how artists, especially within dance and performing arts, are coping through lockdown. To express themselves and share their experiences during all of these months.

We are featured in the LifeinLockdown blog this week, and we really enjoyed sharing how we are adapting, finding inspiration in new ways and evolving with our practice or simply staying mentally positive and motivated while our art is confined to our living rooms.

Have a read, watch the full article below. #GDLifeinLockdown

We call this practice our ‘movement diaries’. ‘Movement’ being anything dance based or not where we are pushing forward, where we are being present and feeding the moments to follow, be it standing still to appreciate something or creating something new, discussing an idea, physically moving…

Life in Lockdown: Back2Basix | Greenwich Dance

‘We find out how sisters Marta and Leah, otherwise know as Back2Basix, have been coping with lockdown as they rediscover old material, use poetry to express themselves and get back into the (living room) studio.

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