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Join us for the Playground, Rambert

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Join us this Friday at The Playground !

"The Playground is happy to announce that Back2Basix will be leading a session this Friday 22nd April 2022.

In our session we want to explore the idea of how having a different perspective affects or not our experience and choices, be it that we're physically somewhere different in the space, that we have someone different next to us, whether what's around inspires us, distracts us or doesn't affect us much; or that we choose to change our perspective. We're curious to see how and what happens, from the outside as observers, and from the inside, as participants." - Leah & Marta

There will be some intensity throughout the session, however, most of the time the movers will be able to adapt the movement and intensity to what their body needs and feels comfortable with.

We'll be joined by musician Bobby Meders who will be jamming live with us.

We look forward to seeing you, playing and trying out ideas!

Leah & Marta, at Back2basix

To book your place, visit:

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