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agua (water)

Ebb and flow

give and take

by surprise

as the water throws a tantrum

surf around it, ride the tides

or let it sink into your bones

become fluid, expand motion

catch the attention of the strong,

the weak, the senseless

the reality

of the senses breathing

in and out

"Lines seem to be a theme, and curiously enough, they create flowing motion, soft, calming; when looked as a whole, from afar.”


6pm, Friday evening. There’s buzz outside.


We’re running a couple of short sequences that we’ve developed from a ‘limbs and lines’ motif created and tried at home, during quarantine times. Observing its effect from outside and as we execute the movement, we notice how it feels and how motion is threaded (hilada?).


The angles don’t seem to break or put an end to something, create edges or harshness. But, if anything, softly direct and impulse the flow. Lines, edges, angels create flow, softness and a calming, ebbing, oscillating motion. The contradictions seems worth it. Absurd, unusual, unbelievable when looking close enough. Recognisable, familiar, obvious. Or simply acceptable when looking from far away enough. Or maybe it’s not about where we look from, but how we look. What we pay attention to, what we’re drawn to. Or led to. Or curious about. Or a combination of them all.


Choices seem to make a difference. On the perception of whether there are or aren’t. Exploring, drafting pathways, shapes and motion as you discover option and choose, sometimes without choosing (there’s no time but to go with the flow). Sometimes anticipating with more or less grace, the pencil is in your hands though, and your painting on white canvas. No pre-thoughts, other than your own, the inevitable bag pack of ideas and suppositions, but the thrill of discovery is heavier, luckily, quicker, more spontaneous and the main leader.

Rehearsal notes on agua (water) , by leah & marta

(Just One Point of View)

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