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A Dose of Vision to a Dozen Thoughts

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

That simple word or realisation that brings the pieces back together, a simple truth that you come to notice only now, even thought it was always there, waiting to be seen. Here's one that popped into my head recently.

'it doesn't have to be difficult to count'

To all those times when we over complicate things, over think stuff, unknowingly hoping to feel that what we do is enough, and is valuable. Simplicity and intention, honest intention is often what makes something count. And the rest flows.

It is really evident in dance, with an improv that is so simple yet so gripping; or one of those choreographies where you are pretty much two-stepping through half of it, but the intention and the character is so alive, so entertaining, so welcoming.

For a smile, courtesy of Pina Bausch, watch this simple, tickling, memorable dance.

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